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WARP DRIVE research LTH-1 prototype (test bench)


td-1-ff.pngLTH-1 warp drive activation >>> initiates a spontaneous process in the force line structure in a predictable magnitude.



Planning Solid Edge software (data remote viewing) TD drone under continuous planning.vilagito-td-1.jpgtd-hatso-lth.png

szimulacio-szemleltetese-felirattal.jpgDesign of a controllable static internal system is required.

LTH-1 requires further development..


LTH-1: Dark matter force line is activated>>>using a targeted energy beam. In front of it, a line of force must be found using a detector. No pyramid helix.. you cannot create target energy.detector1.pngteratlepes-terhajtomu-szakaszai.png

Force line systems in general: line retention is typical. Space force line its property is similar.



Electric power converter... (LTH-1 warp drive prototype parts)




Due to the shortening of the distance, the time decreases. 5000km journey time is reduced to 2km time journey time = space-time change. An airplane is only able to transport and generate the amount of energy used to activate the space structure. This provides a realistic opportunity for dimensional flight. The magnitude of the activation gives the actual "wormhole km"(pictur 2km) of the airplane and the "amount of distance (km) avoided" (pictur 5000km). Accurate flight dynamics calculations can be performed. LTH-1 activation based drive physical peculiarit: no time travel! Physically, a new option opens between points A-B, which shortens the actual distance. As the distance traveled in kilometers decreases, the time also decreases because point B is reached sooner.




LTH-1 experiment:

1. Successful experiment: transmission of electric sparks 12V (recorded on video).



2. Experiment: continuous electric arc transmission, (12V Tesla roll) the experiment is being prepared.

Purpose of research:  recording of an "electric arc", thermal imager at the research site. Can be calculated after a successful  experiment: propulsion test bench the magnitude of energy types >>> dimensional energy transmission distance, localization  location.


 "LTH-1 without" picture.... LTH-1 test during operation?




Research LTH-1 test bench:
Thermal imager + PC analyzability >to present research result.
Oscilloscope ( tesla coil output measurement) > to present research result.
1. point- 2. point local measuring devices are available ( radiation meter, thermometer, electromagnetic meter ).
The use of security devices is ensured.
Equipment "current fluctuation" meter is partially integrated.
LTH-1 equipment development:
- 100%-self-financing
- 0% investor.
If you are interested in a new propulsion and want to invest: 

*Public materials do not show the technological process and structure because they are confidential information.