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My technical designs with "remote viewing"


"Remote viewing" is a process of perception in which a person, without any prior knowledge, uses mental means to establish in detail the information of an arbitrary target. The CIA also used the technique to obtain data. I first discovered seeing it as an image of “advanced technical equipment” when I was 22, spontaneously perceiving a new wheel and a new engine. These technical insights inspired my Innohightech Association, founded in 2008, where I worked with inventors and developed my remote sensing research. In my opinion, inventors come to discover new technical systems, also through the unconscious use of remote viewing. I have been intensively researching this field for 13 years, focusing not on current technologies but on future-like or foreign developments that have not yet been identified. In my opinion, the efficiency of my remote sensing ability is increased by my synesthesia, which causes the appearance of sounds, vibrations, noises, light and forms as images in my superficial sleep. I attribute this to frequency sensitivity, which I also use to identify objects in multiple localizations because they each have a separate frequency signature. I can display images in an awake and superficial sleep state, the technical content of which I can also design with Solid Edge design software. After identifying the external shape of the equipment or UAP = "technical flyng objects", I also make targeted image data retrievals of the internal structure, so I can get detailed information about the internal structure as well. Several of my copyrights were registered with the National Office of Intellectual Property, which I obtained by remote viewing, and “remote viewing” provided an opportunity to learn new technologies (engines) step by step, as well as making security improvements more transparent.

In the website below, I focus on the technologies that are tied to advanced flying objects. In the course of my research, I identify them and design them in their external - internal structure. In order to utilize my research, I highlight a major component or unit to make it as easy as possible to find an interested partner for the new technology. In the future, I would also like to establish a company relationship where there is a need to design the whole object, because overall they "contain multi-stage system improvements", the efficiency of which is given by the "connection system" of the whole object. In the UAP research, I use "Hz localization" + "remote viewing" to observe an object, and in parallel I also observe the same object in the airspace, in which "weather outdoor camera" helps. I compare these videos with the data obtained by remote viewing, so I collect not only theoretical evidence for advanced technology, but also recorded image documents.