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DOD report supplement

UAP identification with your own photo, military archive videos, using military remote viewing. Analysis of the received technological information using a CAD engineering program...


Short UAP security report


All my observations so far show that they are observing the Earth and the part of human technological development that may come close to their technology. There is currently no procedure that is harmful to humanity. Because remote viewing provides technological information about the technical architecture of the UAP, it is limited by the process of reaching the military level, which openly betrayed their underlying presence and the "energetic monitoring" that accompanies engine development and data retrieval. Objects in the air and their other energetic appearance are difficult to detect for both military personnel and military sensing systems due to the hidden cause of their technology development and observation. Importantly, my UAP study provides transparent and understandable information that helps us understand UAP activity and helps provide a more optimal security analysis than currently published studies. At present, their direct impact on aircraft and satellites is not intentional but stems from the direct interaction of different levels of technological development.

1. solid objects UAP: does not pose an immediate danger. Cause: high level evasion maneuver system.  2. atmospheric wormhole formation: poses an imminent threat. Damage: development of anomalous turbulence with disproportionate load on the aircraft. Evidence: multiple aircraft crashes, black box data, same failure conditions.  3. atmospheric dimensional entry formation: does not present an immediate danger. Cause: localized control entry, predicted.  4. VIN system: does not present an immediate danger. Cause: flexible, highly advanced structural adaptation.  5. UAP dimensional data transmission: poses an imminent threat. Damage: electronic systems, solar panel. Evidence: satellite solar system damage, electrical system overload.  6. UAP atmospheric data transmission: does not present an immediate danger. Cause: data transmission in a closed energy path, which does not normally affect the technical, electronic, human relationship.

c.pngA technical analysis of a vortex warp drive capable of manipulating an identified dimension is in progress. (Vortex Warp Drive Prototype )


Analysis of the security risk of unknown UAPs entering the airspace suddenly. (From a military point of view.)


My specialized experience:

  • electronics (short circuit, thermal switches)
  • mechanical engineering (analysis of several non-traditional gears, CAD design)
  • nuclear isotopes
  • state military training
  • military Remote Viewing
  • health qualifications





Compilation of a study on the whole UAP topic 2022

The study includes technical analysis, technological analysis, drive analysis, drone type analysis, military security analysis, CAD technical drawings of the external and internal structure of the objects, experimental development of the LTH-1 engine prototype, airspace safety simulation options describing a wormhole "experimental cabin".

Cost of professional translation of the study: Q-SAS0003_EN.pdf